Focus module
Focus module " Run and Gun Long" RNGL
Focus module " Run and Gun Long" RNGL
Weight 300 gramm ( without support). From 0.5 to infinity. 270 degreese rotate . 72,77,82 thread filter for choice. Support 15-60, Clamp or Step ring for filter in rear part for assembley to anamorphic attachment for choice and included in the price . gear 0.8 include ( made via 3d printer).

Фокусровка от 0.5 метров до бесконечности
Вес 270 грамм. C установленным клампом для насадки составляет 300 -305 грамм.
Кламп для любой насадки входит в стоимость.

Price $: 300
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The fact that my Run and Gun series modules work well with installed anamophic blocks inside, it is important to have a scope size less than 58 mm. Like Kowa 8 or carry out some manipulations with other scopes to reduce the front diameter.


Set with Kowa 8c



set with Sankor16d